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Imbabala Lodge safari guides are Abe, Stan and Richard. All our guides have a vast amount of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm.
The other camp staff provide many of the other essential service guests enjoy.
Himal & Irene

Himal & Irene

Management Couple

Himal’s relationship with the bush stems from a long history of exploring the many wonders Africa has to offer. Himal studied management and hospitality and as soon as he was qualified, he returned to the banks of the Zambezi River as a fishing guide at Imbabala Safari Lodge. His natural ease in a safari setting accompanied by his people skills earned him the position of manager at Imbabala, after a few years he then took…




Stan – Started as an elephant guide with Wild Horizons (one of the mahuts), then became a permanent guide at Imbabala about 5 years ago. He is known to a lot of his guests as “the man with the voice” – he has a deep Barry White voice. Despite his deep voice, he has the most gentle personality and a vast knowledge of the African bush.




Richard started with us as a freelance guide and now he is a part of the family. He is fun-spirited and a kid at heart which makes him brilliant with families. He is known for his long dreadlocks and easy going personality. He is like a flame that just attracts people and keeps them entertained.

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…on the management of The Elephant Camp West for two years. Himal is now back at Imbabala, where calls home, as the General Manager. Himal is pursuing a passion that was cultivated at a young age, and is devoted to the work he does. After years in the industry, his favourite past times still include casting a line into the water on a still day, or exploring the exquisite environment that he is fortunate enough to call his office.

Irene – Originally from Holland, she moved to Zimbabwe at the beginning of December 2015. With a degree in Forensic Science she assisted the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, which is based on the Wild Horizons property. Besides analysing wildlife and domestic animal tissue for diseases, she took care of some of the animals that came to the trust for rehabilitation, as well as taking guests on lab tours giving them an insight on what exactly the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust does. Being at Imbabala, Irene could add so much more value to Imbabala’s eco/conservation initiatives with the knowledge and experience she gained from being at the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust for two years.

** Why the move from The Elephant Camp West to Imbabala
The reason for choosing to move to Imbabala, well there are a few; the first one is I started my career in lodges at Imbabala so it has always held a very special place in my heart. I have also always had a passion for the outdoors as well as wildlife; the closeness to the Zambezi River is also a big plus as it is a river I have spent a lot of time on or along.

** What excites you most about Imbabala (in terms of lodge features, eco initiatives, location etc)
It is really exciting being back in the bush again. Like I mentioned being back at Imbabala feels like coming back home. The team of staff out here haven’t really changed since I left; getting to work with them again is something I do look forward to. Being at Imbabala, I love that you get to spend more time interacting with the guests, for example joining the guests for meals, chatting to them at afternoon tea or around the camp fire, I really enjoy this time spent getting to know my guests as well as them getting to know about me and my back ground. The way the day to day activities work like clockwork at Imbabala – timely scheduled activities which fit in well with meal times also giving the guests some time to sit back and actually enjoy the lodge.
Being out in a national park, there are a few duties we take on at Imbabala regarding the wild life around us; if there are any compromised animals we come across we do our best to notify National parks as well as The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust who then do all they can to save a life. At Imbabala we do have a lovely vegetable garden that we grow some of our own fresh produce that we make full use of in our kitchen

** Highlights of your tenure at The Elephant Camp
Just being at The Elephant Camp as a part of the management team knowing the calibre of the lodge, its achievements and where The Elephant Camp is on the map was a real highlight me.The team I worked with and the friendships and memories I made, I will keep forever. I had also learnt a lot at TECW regarding all aspects of a 5 star establishments and these I will take where ever I go.

** What will you miss the most about The Elephant Camp
I will miss my team/staff that I worked with over my three years at The Elephant Camp West as well as at Elephant Camp. Also opening up the lodge early in the morning and seeing that amazing view with the Victoria Falls in the background will definitely be difficult to forget. I will also miss Sylvester and our Elephants, seeing them pretty much every day was never taken for granted!

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